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A show two months in the making. Finishing Zelda: BOTW consumes Dennis’s gaming time. The International inspires Michael to return to Dota 2. Michael and Dennis chat about Prey. Shawn can’t stop bragging about how good he is at X-Wing minis. Michael waits in line at SDCC. Shawn surprises up by playing Wolfenstein: New Order. Dennis starts NieR: Automata. We recount the epic tales of our first D&D session.

  • August/September Games
    • Agents of Mayhem – Aug 15 (XB1/PS4/PC)
    • Madden NFL 18 – Aug 22 (XB1/PS4/PC)
    • Everybody’s Golf – Aug 29 (PS4)
    • ARK: Survival Evolved – Aug 29 (XB1/PS4/PC)
    • Windjammers – Aug 29 (PS4)
    • Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition – Aug 29 (XB1/PS4)
    • Absolver – Aug 29 (PS4/PC)
    • Mario + Rabids: Kingdom Battle – Aug 29 (NS)
    • Destiny 2 – Sep 6 (XB1/PS4/PC)

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